12 July 2009

Damn weather again.

This summer pretending won't stop until it gets on my nerves.I can't stand staying in without going out because of the damn weather outside.It rained the whole night and until now it just stopped for couple of minutes.
I just imagine this as if I were in the future or it remembers me of the past,those days of school when I had to get up early and do homework ,hurrying to get to school in time and being very careful so I don't make my hair wet.All this classes when all you heard was the teacher asking about your homework and you siting bored without thinking of anything else than the horrible weather outside and only wishing to go back home and nap for a while.
But this "future-past story" can be changed and I can now imagine I am now in London,on a very rainy day.I put on my rubber boots ,a beige trench ,a Burberry scarf and a Burberry umbrella/a big black umbrella and head to the Starbucks on the corner where I should meet my early friends.After I meet them I have to get my All Time Favourite Starbucks For Cold Weather Drink-Tazo Chai Tea Latte Grande. And time flows as if hours were minutes and the sun finally shines we take our RayBan's out of the bag take the coats off and go outside jumping in the puddles.

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