11 July 2009

Weather Sensitive

I really do hate all this summer-pretending weather.Morning begins with a easy blowing wind and suddenly it stars raining.It's not supposed to rain so much in summer or I am not completely used to this. This all summer wannabe autumn makes me want all this simple &adorable knitted V-neck jumpers from Topshop.
And of course all those jumpers are NOT ENOUGH so I start looking for the perfect "autumn coat" which I have in mind and navigate on the internet hoping to find something matching my wish and find other adorable pieces like Blazers (my newest obsession).
So now I know for good a thing I learned some time ago.Buying a clothing piece leads to another buy and to another buy so you pretty much spend your whole budget on clothes ,which I personally don't see like a bad thing because my fave things to spend money on are CLOTHES.
(and magazines,coffees and some other few things)

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