13 July 2009

Stylish kids

Adore this kids style.They're pretty amazing for their age and that's a great great thing.
Usually when I go shopping or just window-shopping I try to go to Zara's kids clothes-department where they have genius stuff.Pretty floral dresses,mini-shoes,mini-socks mini-bras for the swimsuits and a lot more. I usually go there with my friends and try to "compose" a outfit for a little girl and imagine myself being a grown-up and going shopping for my little-girl/boy who will get the prettiest dresses and shoes and flats and jackets and cardigans and and and...
And now I realize it's not about the clothes that I only think of now,at this time("that's the cutest dress,those are the cutest shoes" etc) it's in the fact of being a mother and the joy that the whole thing brings. I will enjoy having a child more than I enjoy looking after pretty clothes for babies.

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